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Welcome to The Gin Diva

About Us

How it started

The Gin Diva started one day around 20 years or so ago, drinking a warm G&T out of a plastic glass in the NAAFI somewhere in Germany.

The dry, distinct taste of Juniper just hit all the right notes as far as I was concerned. That thought has never passed. 

I love passing on all my knowledge to anyone and everyome who wants to listen!

With more and more Gin coming on to the market, I think Gin is the drink of today. 

What I do

Most people are into Gin at the moment, with more and more GIn coming onto the market on a monthly basis. 

What I offer is to host a private Gin party at your home, work place or place of your choice. This can be for both the private or corporate client. 

All packages are tailor made to the customers individual needs. 

Please contact me for further information. 

Why Gin?

Why not Gin? 

Some people say that they dont like gin! How can they?! It may be the mixer they dont like, and not the Gin themselves.

I will talk to you about the individual Gin, giving the back story and the perfect serve. 

What's not to like?

The Gin Diva

There is nothing better than sipping an iced G&T with your friends or family. Do you normally stick to your favourite, or would you be willing to try new Gin out on the market?

This is where The Gin Diva comes in. One part of the business are hosting  private and corporate Gin tasting events. Gin is the "in thing" at the moment, with over 1000 Gin on the market, so why not try a few?

The Gin Diva has a vast knowledge of Gin and it's background. She will educate you about Gin, in a fun and infomative way. 

Learn about Gin in the comfort of your own home for your birthday, or private party. 

Are you organising a team building event? Then why not win points with your work colleagues, and arrange The Gin Diva to run your team building event. 

The Gin Diva also writes a regular blog with all things Gin related.