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Welcome to The Gin Diva

The Gin Diva

How it all started

Back in the 80's, I was serving in the Army, and based in Germany. Many a night was spent in the NAAFI, where I found my love of Gin. 

Now back then, you never used to get the selection of Gin you do now, so it was Gordon's or nothing. Served in a plastic cup, no ice, Britvic tonic and sliced lemon out of a tub! 

Even then I loved the taste of this Juniper infused spirit. So, from then on came Gin was my spirit of choice.

After a few years, 20 to be exact, I then found all these other smaller brands coming on to the market. Being back in Blighty, I was in heaven, as I could also try the said Gin, with not just Britvic tonic, but Schweppes, and later on Fever Tree.

Gin has become huge, really overnight. In the last 2, maybe even 3 years, more and more Gin brands are coming to fruition. Gin is my passion, so I decided to make this my business.

I now go all over the UK talking about Gin, hosting charity Gin evenings, Hen nights, Masterclasses, as well as making sure I am up to speed with current trends. 

Gin lovers, be aware, the bubble may burst, but until this happens, just drink Gin!!

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